You know you are a Realtor when…

you know you're a realtor when...
You know you are a realtor when…
  1. You reach for the lockbox at your own house.
  2. Somewhere out there you know there is a Frisbee with your face on it.
  3. Saturday is your Monday.
  4. Your best work story (“I walked in and …”) is NSFW.
  5. Tardy clients are why you’re the Candy Crush champ.
  6. You want GSE reform now.
  7. Your first time buyers, armed with a Google search, will tell you they know more than you with your 20 years of experience.
  8. There are no photos of you not holding your phone.
  9. You are your own GPS.
  10. You took calls at your own wedding.
  11. Your mini-SUV has had more passengers than a NYC taxi.
  12. There is no small, old and weird. There is cozy, vintage and quaint.

This list originally appeared in HousingWire.

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