Unsustainable California: A Primer

California Common Sense has published its newest report, “Unsustainable California: The Top 10 Issues Facing the Golden State. Authors include Adam Tatum, Autumn Carter, Madhu Ravi, and Davina Kaldani, assisted by editors Kimberly Ang and Gwendolyn Holst.

The thesis of the report is that despite the propaganda presented to us by elected officials and friendly media of a purported recovery, “California has many lingering challenges that the state’s political leaders have yet to address and resolve. Studying these issues reveals a common underlying theme: unsustainability. California as we know it is simply unsustainable. To correct California’s unsustainable course, the state requires informed citizens and leaders willing to tackle the state’s budget realities.”

In the following sections, California Common Sense presents and assesses California’s 10 greatest challenges. The 10 critical issues are as follows:


California Common sense says the issues are all interrelated and concludes:

On the financial side, California will see its budget increasingly dominated by rising healthcare costs, retirement benefit costs, and debt service payments. These rising costs, coupled will volatile and unstable revenues, will result in less funding for California’s schools and many essential public services.

State resources and infrastructures will become increasingly strained by a growing and aging population. However, even today, California’s water infrastructure is inadequate, its prisons are overcrowded, and the implementation of its largest transportation project is unstable.


  1. Hal Bray says

    this is an excellent document that can serve as a wonderful primer for candidates and people working in election campaigns, as well as info for voters. Get it, download it, put it on your hard drive. thanks Bill for the info on it.