Unemployment in Contra Costa County 9.4%

Preliminary statistics from the California Department of Employment Development Labor Market Information Division shows overall unemployment in Contra Costa County was 9.4% in July 2012. July unemployment nationally was 8.3% per the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Knisghtsen (19.6) and Crockett (18.5%) had the highest unemployment rates. Port Costa (0%), Waldon (2.6%), and Kensignton (3.4%) had the lowest unemployed rate. See table below with full details.

Unemployment in Contra Costa County July 2012


  1. Conservative says

    No where in recent history has the unemployment rate beenn close to twenty percent for any community. Thanks selve severing Piephoites ! Your just like Obama. These blood sucking politicians have screwed up the economy, the way of life, the job market, the tax distribution, the housing, the gas prices, and they need to stop gording off of the peoples savings accounts.

    • says

      Mary Piepho is responsible for all of that? Really? You give her way way too much credit. Some question if she is competent to be a Supervisor and you have her controlling the price of gasoline? I don’t think so. Anyways, get a spell checker and make a real argument instead of emoting.