Assemblyman Levine (AD-10) wants UC Berkeley, NSA to disclose joint projects

obama snoop dogAssemblymember Marc Levine (D – San Rafael) sent a formal inquiry (see PDF below) to University of California President Janet Napolitano requesting detailed information on research contracts between UC and federal intelligence agencies like the National Security Agency.

We hope this isn’t one of those “If we tell you we’ll have to kill you”

UC Berkeley NSA should reveal joint projects

‘In the past few years we have learned that the invasive nature of federal surveillance activities pushes the limits on our privacy rights. The purpose of my inquiry is to shed more light on any relationship between the UC and federal intelligence agencies,’ said Levine.

‘The UC is funded by state resources, if federal intelligence research is being conducted with the assistance of the UC, those activities should be directly accountable to the people of California.

‘We are concerned about surveillance activities conducted by the NSA and its sister agencies, and how those activities may be aided by research conducted at the UC and other institutions of higher learning,’ added Valarie Small Navarro, Senior Legislative Advocate with the American Civil Liberties Union.


In his three page letter Assemblymember Levine requests information on any relationship between the UC and the agencies that makeup the federal intelligence community. Specifically this would include information on the following: the number of contracts currently held; the nature of the research conducted; whether the research utilizes personally identifiable information; and whether the UC is engaged in federal intelligence research with limits on publication.

Assemblyman Levine (AD-10_ v UCB and NSA

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