Tianjin Childrens Palace to perform at Concord Diversity Festival May 3

The internationally acclaimed performers from the Tianjin Childrens Palace will be featured performers at the 11th Annual Diversity Festival to be held Saturday May 3st at Concord’s Todos Santos Park Plaza. Organized by the South Asian Health and Training Foundation (SABH) and the Interfaith Council of contra Costa County, this event will feature a smorgasbord of entertainment from different cultural backgrounds.

Things get started at 10am with performances beginning at 11am. There is no admission charge to the Diversity Festival which is offering different entertainment from around the world especially geared for family enjoyment. According Dr. Harmesh Kumar who is organizing this event for the last eleven years, “Having the Tianjin Childrens Palace participation will go a long way to achieving our objective of furthering understanding between people of different cultures.”

With their extensive resume of having performed around the world including Canada, England, France, and France this famous colorfully attired student group of dancers, singers, and musicians from Tianjin, convey the best of Chinese culture. Members of the Tianjin Childrens Palace are part of an after school program that was first organized in 1956. In addition to their domestic work and foreign tours, they also host groups from around the world in Tianjin each year to promote cultural understanding.

It is hoped that American Children will organize trips to China in the near future to reciprocate with the kids they are hosting. Part of the Tianjin Children’s Palace program is showing others from around the world first-hand the many facets of Chinese Culture.

Being able to attract the Tianjin Childrens Palace to be part of Concord’s Diversity Festival is a major coup for their 11th annual event. This trip was planned almost a year ago when representatives first visited the offices of Concord City government to see if there was interest in hosting the group. With strong support coming from the Chamber of Commerce and other civic groups, this visit has become a reality.

Among the features of the tentative program to be put on by the Tianjin Childrens Palace are,

1. Dragon dance: Chinese drums and music

2. Drum play: Rolling walnuts

3. Solo: South of the Rainbow

4. Tibet dance: Happiness on the Himalaya

5. Mongolia Dance: Flying Eagle

As part of the cultural exchange aspect of the visit, individual households in the area will be hosting a child for a period of 4 days during the visit. Families willing to participate in this  activity are asked to contact Dr. Harmesh Kumar 925-285-9881 Carl Yu 925-789-0268 or Rich Eber 925=518-5852 to make arrangements.

In addition to participating in the Diversity Festival, the Tianjin Childrens Palace is also performing at Six Flags Theme Park in Vallejo Sunday May 4th. The following week they are headed to Southern California to perform another program in addition to visiting Disneyland and Universal Studios.

It is hoped that if this trip proves to be successful, the Tianjin Childrens Palace will come visit the Bay Area soon and be able to host youth groups from the area as well in China

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