The new cold war is Cyber-warfare and Electronic Crime

Chris Narney is a Tech Business News writer at ITworld that I follow. His report today is chilling as Former cybersecurity czar Richard Clarke says: Every major U.S. company has been hacked by China. Meanwhile the Anti-Phishing Working Group APWG announces that its April Cybercrime Conference in Prague will begin the boring but much needed work to help build the back office infrastructure (taxonomy, data exchange, communications protocols, streamlined policy) required to coordinate counter cybercrime efforts between industrial and financial sectors and government policy and law enforcement.

Yet President Obama seems willing to throw countries like Poland back under the newly refurbished Soviet bus as he pleads for “more time, more space” from Russia’s Putin regarding shuttering missile defense for East European countries. One has to wonder what Obama’s stance will be for getting the U.S. cyber defense into high gear?

The APWG Cybercrime conference in Prague this April promises first steps toward building out the back office to combat electronic crime. But can such efforts mitigate rogue states and Chinese cyberwarfare?