The cost of Obamacare

See the infographic below that details the price of Obamacare. The costs of Obamacare ($181B) are so staggering that it will cost $41B more than the combined totals for: Social Services Block Grants ($3.5B), Child Support Enforcement ($7.4B), Childrens Health Insurance Program -CHIP- ($21B), Housing and Urban Development ($41.6B), Food Stamps -SNAP- ($65B)


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    Not only is it too expensive and we can’t afford it, it doesn’t cover “ALL” the uninsured that these socialists promised us it would cover.
    In addition, the very same people and organization, that lobbied in favor of Obamacare, requested and received an exemption and opted out, while Mr. & Mrs. Taxpayer will be fined if we refuse to take part. All members of the House & Senate, big Labor Unions, and all federal workers are exempt and will enjoy a Cadillac plan at YOUR expense.
    Furthermore, we Christians got our First Amended right flushed down the toilet, and told, “take it or leave it”, while Mr. Obumble also gave exemptions to Muslims for rebellious reasons.