What really matters in the Concord City Council election?

Campaign signs litter Concord streets

In the quiet Concord cul-de-sac where my family and 5 others have resided for the past quarter century, partisan politics is not discussed very much. Voter registration rolls indicates a balance between Republican, Democrats and Independents. Social issues such as abortion and gay marriage are topics seldom mentioned among neighbors. Welcome to suburbia. Why is […]

Contra Costa Democratic Party faces tough choices


Harmesh Kumar, Brent Trueblood, and Adam Foster have a few things in common. All are active in the Contra Costa Democratic Party and pass the litmus test as liberal “progressives”. More importantly, they are candidates for the three open City Council seats in Concord this November. It is no secret that each of these men feels […]

Uncontested elections in Contra Costa defeats democracy

uncontested election

Uncontested elections for offices in Contra Costa County appeared throughout the June 3 Primary ballot. This sad circumstance begs the question…What’s the difference between the election to replace retiring George Miller in Congress compared to what goes on in the so called “democratic” systems of Russia, China, and Cuba?  The answer is very little. These totalitarian regimes offer voters […]

County sales tax proposal on tap at June 3rd Supervisor meeting


When the Contra Costa Board of Supervisors meets Tuesday June 3rd to consider putting a sales tax proposal before voters, they have a complex set of issues to ponder in taking on such a political hot potato. Such a predicament becomes evident following my blistering post last week criticizing a countywide sales tax plan favored by Richmond Supervisor John […]

Political musical chairs follows Rep Miller’s retirement

musical chairs-follows-George-Miller-retirement

Nothing less than a grand game of political musical chairs has ensued since Rep.George Miller’s (CA-11) retirement announcement. There is intense speculation and horse trading around who will move up the Democratic Party food chain to obtain higher office. So far in this game of political musical chairs, the tune is still playing. Unfortunately for […]

Covered California Information Fair, Oct 26

A Covered Califoria information fair hosted by State Assemblywoman Susan Bonilla will be held October 26, 2013 at the Pittsburg High School’s Little Theater.  Many people know that they need health insurance, but are concerned about the cost.  Fortunately, the Affordable Care Act creates a pathway for affordable health insurance and reforms that will protect […]

Susan Bonilla, unnecessary fundraisers, and more

It is difficult to fathom that with absentee ballots from November 6th barely counted, fund raising continues as if there was an election next week. Case in point Concord Assemblywoman Susan Bonilla. Even though she ran unopposed, Bonilla presided over her 6th annual Christmas Breakfast November 30th to celebrate the holiday season and add funds […]