I am not and never have been a tool of the Koch brothers


Charles G. and David H. Koch are evil and a menace to society. This is what a Progressive friend told me when the subject of these donors to conservative political causes was mentioned. Senator Harry Reid (D-Nevada) agrees with this assessment. Recently in a speech on the Senate floor, the Democratic Majority leader condemned the two brothers’ participation […]

Prop 32 tied. The 2nd most important race you’ll vote for

Forget Prop 30. Proposition 32 stops union bosses and corporations from taking money from workers’ paychecks without permission and giving it to Sacramento politicians to influence votes! Related posts: Stop Attack on Prop 13 in Lafayette, Dec 8 16th Assembly race is pivotal for California GOP, local Democrats How Catharine Baker won California’s 16th Assembly […]

How will you vote on the 2012 California Propositions?

Check your preferences below and let us know how you will vote on the California Propositions? Take the poll and see the results! Related posts: Neel Kashkari is the moderate Republican California needs as Governor Lamorinda Democratic Club Endorsements for the June 3rd Election Contra Costa Supervisors to vote on pay increase for themselves, not […]

Should Concord Mayor be directly elected?

The Pulse of Concord is an on line Survey of views of issues in and around Concord, CA. You can get the Survey at www.PulseOfConcord.com. Results from the August Survey are available now, and we start of with the question, “Should Concord’s Mayor be elected directly? See the surprising results below. Related posts: Eve Phillips […]