Hobby Lobby at the Supreme Court


On March 25, the US Supreme Court heard oral arguments in the Hobby Lobby and Conestoga Woods challenges to the HHS contraceptives mandate. The Christian owners of these two businesses claim that it is a violation of their religious pro-life convictions, and a violation of the moral standards of their respective companies, to be required […]

An insurance agent analysis of Obamacare health insurance


People talking about Obamacare health insurance sets the Guinness world record for things people having no clue what they are talking about. The most astonishing thing to me and others in the Health Insurance business is that the people behind the Obamacare health insurance scheme clearly know little about insurance, and even less about selling […]

Obamacare Phase in has been clownish and full of lies


President Obama, liar and clown in chief, has made a mess of the Obamacare phase in. The first law of medicine—and implementing grand plans doomed to fail—is “Do no harm”. Having already broken this natural law, the President proceeded to proclaim, as some grand avuncular gesture, that he had decided to let everyone keep their […]

Federal Government: living under “omnipotent moral busybodies”


The greatest attribute of Capitalism is the voluntary nature of free markets. Two or more free people deciding on their own accord to complete a transaction in which they each receive some benefit. “The most important single central fact about a free market”, said Economist Milton Friedman, “is that no exchange takes place unless both […]

ObamaChair for home furnishings?

obamacare, obamachair

Radically new: Let’s have a law requiring the boss to pay for a worker’s personal chair. Let’s call the new law ObamaChair. Under ObamaChair, the boss would pay for a worker’s home furniture. But not the furniture the workers want!

ObamaCare in California: What could possibly go wrong?


Ill-trained community organizers recruited by Covered California will receive bounties for enrolling neighbors into Obamacare. What could go wrong? Democratic State Insurance Commissioner David Jones, has issued a warning: consumers could fall prey to fraud, identity theft, or other crimes at the hands of the people hired to help them enroll in ObamaCare. “We can […]

Temp Nation: Obamanomics means part-time jobs with low pay, and no benefits

The July 5th jobs report was reported in the mainstream media as possibly the greatest economic event in years.  The economy created 195,000 jobs and job creation for the past two months was upgraded raising the three-month average 202,000 per month. The unemployment rate stayed at 7.6% as more people started looking for a job. Underneath […]