Concord unfunded liabilities pile up, City considers Measure Q sales tax extension


When virtually any city or county within California has tried to make budget projections, the “elephant in the closet” is always unfunded liabilities. These financial obligations to pension and medical funds of retirees are a major force to be reckoned with. Also to be factored in are long term infrastructure expenditures needed to fix roads, paint buildings, replace roofs, and maintain recreational facilities, sewers, and other […]

Concord releases Sales Tax Data for Q1 2013

The City of Concord has released sales tax data for Q1 2013. According to the report, “Receipts from first quarter sales were 7.2% above the same sales period one year earlier but onetime reporting aberrations skewed the data. Excluding anomalies, actual sales grew 6.2%.” See the full document below.

Contentious Town Hall meetings greet ConFire consultant

After three consecutive nights of conducting town hall meetings in Pittsburg, Lafayette, and Clayton, Jim Broman, was remarkably composed. As the lead consultant for the highly regarded Fitch & Associates whom the Contra Costa Board of Supervisors hired to advise them about the troubled Contra Costa County Consolidated Fire Protection District (ConFire).Broman was put thru […]

Concord Council considers worker demands in closed session

As expected, the Concord City Council, at their first meeting in 2013, considered new demands from City workers to increase pay 12.3% as recommended by a “fact-finding” committee appointed by the State of California. Concord citizenry have no knowledge at this time of what went on at this meeting because it was closed to the public […]

Concord City Council: What lies ahead in 2013


As we turn into 2013, apparently unscathed by the dire predictions from the Mayan Calender, it is time to set priorities for the Concord City Council in administrating how Contra Costa’s largest city is to be guided.

Has Concord punished its car dealers enough?

In a stunning reversal of policy, the City of Concord, after punishing the city’s auto dealerships by imposing a higher local sales tax, now wants to change course. Concord Mayor Ron Leone is now saying: “There’s a vision to get our [Concord's] auto district on the map” (Contra Costa Times, Dec. 1). The mayor wants […]

Call For Papers: Next steps for ConFire

After the defeat of County Measure Q’s proposal for a parcel tax increase, several readers here have asked, “Now what?” What are the ways that county leaders can reduce operating costs while maintaining quality fire protection services? Certainly there are many sides to the argument. But full discussion is in order.

Propositions and the damage done


“I caught you knockin’ at my cellar door. Baby, baby can I have some more? Ooh, Uoh, the damage done…” Neil Young. Looking at the election less than three weeks away, one might question how a sad song from forty years ago about heroin addiction might relate to how voters will determine if new taxes […]