It’s official, DeSaulnier files for Congress

DeSaulnier files-for-congress

A tweet from California State Senator Mark DeSaulnier (D-Concord) shows Mark as he submits papers as DeSaulnier files for Congress as a candidate for CA-11, the 11th Congressional District seat of California, encompassing most of Contra Costa County South of the Northern shoreline running from Martinez to Richmond.  He will run for the seat to be […]

Political musical chairs follows Rep Miller’s retirement

musical chairs-follows-George-Miller-retirement

Nothing less than a grand game of political musical chairs has ensued since Rep.George Miller’s (CA-11) retirement announcement. There is intense speculation and horse trading around who will move up the Democratic Party food chain to obtain higher office. So far in this game of political musical chairs, the tune is still playing. Unfortunately for […]

Stop permanent funding of SB-1 and Plan Bay Area


Darrell Steinberg, Author of SB 375 which brought us Plan Bay Area is now pushing CEQA reform and SB-1, co-authored by Senator Mark DeSaulnier of Concord. SB-1 expands the definition of BLIGHT by defining suburban and rural lifestyles as “inefficient land use patterns, and therefore “blight.” This has appalling and stunning legal and political implications. Citizens MUST oppose […]

SB-1 threatens local control of urban planning process in Concord

One of the first things I learned as an intern-trainee of American Democracy is the truth to the saying “Politics makes strange bed fellows.” This reality finally filtered down to me as I have tried to figure out winners and losers in the recent battles concerning the urban planning process in Contra Costa and on […]

Contra Costa Pensions: a blast from the past

See coverage from a decade ago as Contra Costa Supervisors tried to justify the ruinous 3@50 pensions they instituted. (Tuesday, Oct 1, 2002), Pg A3 of the CC Times: . . . . Supervisors have studied the retirement system’s balances in depth, and the grand jury probably won’t add much to the board’s understanding, DeSaulnier […]