Michael Chavez Center becomes Monument Impact!


I am excited to share with you our new agency name: Monument Impact. This name is the culmination of a three year process starting with discussions in 2011 that a year later merged two organizations, the Michael Chavez Center and Monument Community Partnership. The merger made it possible for us to improve in many ways: serving […]

K-12 Schools Must Improve to Help East Bay Economy Stay Competitive

Last month Contra Costa County Supervisors were briefed on the region’s future job outlook by representatives from the Contra Costa Community College District, the county’s Workforce Development Board and the Contra Costa Council. These groups work with leaders from local industry to develop job training programs to meet employer needs. The discussion focused on job growth in the context of developing Contra Costa’s […]

ACORN attacks Pittsburg Port


The radical communist group, ACORN, has invaded Pittsburg with plans to disrupt that city’s efforts to revitalize its Port area. It’s flyer describes worse case scenario scare tactics as it plans a kangaroo court organizational meeting on February 18, at 7:00 p.m., at the Pittsburg Elk Club on 200 Marina Blvd. The flyer screams about […]