Mayor Tim Grayson on leadership and the future of Concord

Concord Mayor Tim Grayson-state-of-city

It’s another evening in paradise for the Mayor of Concord Mayor Tim Grayson. While letting others vent their views while presentations are being made to the Downtown Ad Hoc Steering Committee by consultants, city staff, members of the committee, and the audience, he quietly takes notes but has little to say even though it is his […]

Concord unfunded liabilities pile up, City considers Measure Q sales tax extension


When virtually any city or county within California has tried to make budget projections, the “elephant in the closet” is always unfunded liabilities. These financial obligations to pension and medical funds of retirees are a major force to be reckoned with. Also to be factored in are long term infrastructure expenditures needed to fix roads, paint buildings, replace roofs, and maintain recreational facilities, sewers, and other […]

Demonizing opposition threatens political process at all levels of politics


“Now watch what you say or they’ll be calling you a radical, liberal, fanatical, criminal”, The Logical Song by Super Tramp You knew it was going to happen. During a heated discussion on urban planning with Concord’s Downtown Ad Hoc Steering Committee (DAHSC) a frustrated member blurted out that my viewpoint should not be taken seriously […]

Laura Hoffmeister reflects on her long career in local government


Three years ago at a meeting in Walnut Creek Laura Hoffmeister was asked about an improvement list for the seven Bay Area counties. She responded “Where are we going to get all the money. Can someone tell me where even a dollar is going to come from to do this wish list?” It is this […]

The rot in Concord: time to clear the decay

Concord is a the city needs new leadership. The old guard that has been running Concord’s City Council has been taxing and spending recklessly. Concord does not need to have its current sales tax of 8.75 percent. The tax just supports inefficient, spendthrift government.

Concord worker furlough days raises city budget concerns

The victims of the City of Concord’s austerity program have been City workers. They have taken reductions in pay, pension fund contributions, and now 13 furlough days. It is no wonder that Union Teamsters Local 856, which represents many City of Concord employees, held a protest rally Friday morning at the Corporation Yard in Concord […]

Concord to consider installing parking meters around Todos Santos Plaza


The Todos Santos Business Association of downtown retailers, and the City of Concord will chat up deployment of parking meters around Todos Santos plaza to help raise revenue to fund events and activities at the Plaza. Revenue would be earmarked for the farmers market, concerts, and other programs. The meeting begins May 9 at 7:45 […]