Bitch Fest Summer 2014: 16 local and regional gripes

bitch bitch bitch oakland coliseum

Pointing out what really matters and things that just bug us has proven to be effective in getting rid of un-needed anxiety. Such catharsis helps us avoid expensive and unnecessary trips to see therapists to sort out one’s problems. So for my own mental health, here is my Bitchfest for Summer 2014. These are my Sweet 16 […]

Concord City Council to discuss Marijuana Controversy


“Smoking Marijuana is more fun than drinking beer, but a friend of ours was captured and they gave him 30 years.” ~ Phil Ochs 1964. It was indeed a surprise to find marijuana cultivation to be an issue discussed at a recent Concord City Council meeting. Apparently, there is a dispute between approved medical growers […]

The rot in Concord: time to clear the decay

Concord is a the city needs new leadership. The old guard that has been running Concord’s City Council has been taxing and spending recklessly. Concord does not need to have its current sales tax of 8.75 percent. The tax just supports inefficient, spendthrift government.

New RV Ordinance for Concord

Little noticed in the December 1st 2008 City Council meeting, was the final passage of a new ordinance that was initially sold to the City as covering RV’s. People expect that RVs are those oversized houses on wheels. The real issues with the real RVs are some are a blight and were being used as […]

Residents protest new Concord RV-Camper-Trailer regulations

The Concord City Council has passed a new set of City Code regulations relating to the parking of vehicles and trailers in our drive ways. While I am opposed to these new regulations for numerous reasons, the purpose of this post is to see if we can at least buy some time for those of […]

Vote No on Auntie Alegria…Again

Maria Alegria is at it again in Pinole, sending flyers with baseless accusations about supposed misdeeds done by the folks who cast her out of office last February, in an historic recall election which threatens to derail her crumbling political career. Alegria is the third candidate in a two-seat race against incumbents Pete Murray and […]

Auntie Alegria ignores Pinole campaign finance laws

Not one to take a hint, Maria Alegria, who was recalled last February for incompetence, is running again for Pinole City Council. The Contra Costa Times, which opposed the recall, described Alegria as “an unwelcome aunt at a family dinner” when it endorsed incumbents Murray and Swearingen. In just the first 18 days of October […]