California Republican Party convention wrap up


What if there was a California Republican Party Convention and a union fight broke out? There was and it did. The party held its state convention October 4-6 in Anaheim. But unlike past conventions, three unions, public sector unions at that, not only attended, but were sponsors of the convention. The three unions, the California […]

California Republicans; An endangered Species?

What’s wrong with the Republican Party? The thought occurred to me a couple years ago while attending a Candidates Forum at the Crow Canyon Country Club in Danville. At this “rubber chicken” event were the Central Committee members of the GOP, who were trying to figure what and whom to endorse in the sample ballot […]

No excuses for California Democrat Supermajority

Finally! Democrats in the state legislature can no longer blame their failures on the California GOP. In the recent election Democrats gained a two thirds Supermajority in the Assembly and State Senate. With the new configuration of the legislature, Republicans are unable block any bill, nor can they overturn a veto by Governor Brown. In […]

Confessions of a lifelong Republican

When I turned 18 in 1977, I read both the Republican and Democratic platforms before registering to vote. The Democratic platform made me feel as though I had the weight of our whole society on my shoulders. I much preferred the Republican pull yourself up by your bootstraps philosophy, as well as the desire to […]

Tehama GOP rescinds invite to CRP chair Tom Del Beccaro

The Tehama County GOP announced it has disinvited California Republican Party Chairperson Tom Del Beccarro from speaking at its May Lincoln-reagan Dinner. Apparently the Tehama GOP does not appreciate the CRP Chair’s hamfisted disregard for party bylaws and the state party’s controversial endorsement process that picks favorites before the California Primary. Not like we’ve never […]

California Redistricting: It ain’t over til it’s over


Paul Mitchell at Redistricting Report advises that CNN will air its report on Redistricting in California and other states Sunday, Nov 20 at 5, 8, and 11 p.m. Meanwhile, Mitchell notes that an initiative to overturn the California Redistricting Commission maps may have succeeded in reaching the 700,000+ signatures needed to gain the November 2012 […]