How Proposition 13 changed California politics

achievements of governor brown and democratic legislature in California

In June 1978, Jerry Brown was sitting on a huge budget surplus: $5 billion. In 2014 dollars, that $5 billion of 1978 would be equivalent to $18 billion. When Proposition 13 passed on June 6, 1978, a lopsided majority of 63 percent of voters approved the measure. But knowing that the revenue from property taxes […]

California Republicans; An endangered Species?

What’s wrong with the Republican Party? The thought occurred to me a couple years ago while attending a Candidates Forum at the Crow Canyon Country Club in Danville. At this “rubber chicken” event were the Central Committee members of the GOP, who were trying to figure what and whom to endorse in the sample ballot […]

Susan Bonilla, unnecessary fundraisers, and more

It is difficult to fathom that with absentee ballots from November 6th barely counted, fund raising continues as if there was an election next week. Case in point Concord Assemblywoman Susan Bonilla. Even though she ran unopposed, Bonilla presided over her 6th annual Christmas Breakfast November 30th to celebrate the holiday season and add funds […]

No excuses for California Democrat Supermajority

Finally! Democrats in the state legislature can no longer blame their failures on the California GOP. In the recent election Democrats gained a two thirds Supermajority in the Assembly and State Senate. With the new configuration of the legislature, Republicans are unable block any bill, nor can they overturn a veto by Governor Brown. In […]

More local tax measures coming on November ballot

Just when you think you are taxed to the max, local politicians have another plan. Many of these items have worthy goals (there are certainly exceptions), but local governments seem to be out of touch with California’s reality. We have an unemployment/underemployment rate of 20.3%. That makes California #2 in the nation, behind Nevada. We […]

Gary Clift announces write-in campaign v Lois Wolk for Senate District 3

clift for senate

On May 7, 2012, I notified the Solano County Registrar of Voters of my intention to file nomination papers as a candidate for the Republican Party. My candidacy stems from a genuine concern for California and the United States of America. I am distressed by the accelerated government growth at the State level. I believe […]

Proposed California legislation to allow non-doctors to perform abortions

San Diego Senator Christine Kehoe, (D), has submitted a bill to the California legislature, SB 1501, Abortion, which is making waves throughout the national media. This bill would recognize an expanded list of non-physicians–mainly nurses and nurse practitioners–who are licensed and authorized to commit abortions, especially first trimester suction abortions and chemical abortions. Talk about […]