Chuck Reed on California pension reform, Mar 20

Chuck Reed California Pension Reform

Discussing California pension reform, San Jose Mayor Chuck Reed, will address the Contra Costa Taxpayers Association, Mar 20, at the Back Forty BBQ in Pleasant Hill. Doors Open 11:30. Reed withdrew his proposed ballot proposition that would allow city and other governments to reduce promised state worker retirement benefits, California pension reform is not dead yet, even […]

The California Rule: Why can’t pensions be altered?

In March 2011, the Little Hoover Commission alarmed California’s comfortable labor-dem,ocrat ruling class when it urged state and local governments to roll back benefits for current workers. Inconceivable! cried the public pension industrial complex; “benefits always go up…never down, that is the natural order of things.” And now comes Amy B. Monahan, a University of […]

California lawmakers pass on Pension Reform

June 28, 2012, was the last day for the California legislature to pass a constitutional amendment to appear on November’s ballot to address pension reforms. Pension reforms are a critical issue to the sustainability of our way of life and yet the California voters will not be able to address this important issue in November. […]