Jim Brulte takes reins of California GOP and its fight for relevancy


Concord Mayor Dan Helix, Councilman Ron Leone, and Tim Grayson have one thing in common. All were registered Republicans who recently bolted the Party. It is speculated that in the case of these office holders, being a member of the GOP has proven to be a handicap not only for holding local non partisan posts, […]

California Republicans; An endangered Species?

What’s wrong with the Republican Party? The thought occurred to me a couple years ago while attending a Candidates Forum at the Crow Canyon Country Club in Danville. At this “rubber chicken” event were the Central Committee members of the GOP, who were trying to figure what and whom to endorse in the sample ballot […]

State GOP debates open primary

Jon Fleischman

But this move is to reduce the choice of even party members as leadership circles wagons for some candidate of their own choice, as witnessed in the recent endorsement of one candidate during the CD-10 Special Election Primary.

California GOP death wish

young republicans challenge old guard in california

At its state convention kicking off at Indian Wells on September 25, the California GOP (CRP) will consider a number of important issues ostensibly intended to elect more Republicans in 2010.