Teacher Unions outspend Baker 6-to-1 in California’s 16th Assembly primary

teachers unions stand against education reform in California

With the underperforming public school system in California under intense scrutiny, teachers have been criticized of late for their collective job performance. A frustrated public has unfairly blamed teachers for the failure of children to learn who have been brought up by Game Boy, Nintendo, Twitter, and Facebook, more than their from the tutelage of their […]

California Democratic Party Region 2 Meeting, Oct 19


California Democratic Party Region 2 Director Craig Cheslog will convene a Region 2 meeting on Saturday, October 19, from 1-3 p.m. at the IBEW 302 Hall, 1875 Arnold Drive, in Martinez. All Democrats are welcome to attend. Please click here to RSVP!

Is Dan Richards crazy, a crook, or both?

dan richards murders mountain lion

The decidedly left leaning California Majority Report and other Blue media is beside itself over the recent antics of Fish and Game Commission President Dan Richards, a licensed hunter that actually kills (murders) game (gasp). What’s worse, Richards spoke truth to power in his descriptions of the Lt Governor Newsom and other “Eco-Terrorists” in the […]