Supporting Your Piece of Peace

Amongst us are Peacemakers who have worked for conflict resolution in the ganglands of the inner city, humanitarian disasters or the wastelands of distant countries. Rotary International, known locally for its support of projects including feeding the hungry, providing health care for the uninsured, services for seniors and children, is also known internationally for its efforts to eliminate Polio/Diseases, and its promotion of World Peace.

The frontline of that effort is the Rotary Peace Fellowship with programs for people with at least 3 years experience or for those with 5 years of bi-lingual accomplishments in Conflict Resolution, International Relations, or Humanitarian efforts at a leadership level.

The programs allow for individuals to concentrate on peace studies plus applied field experience with full support from the Rotary Fellowship operating out of the eight worldwide Peace Center universities. Fellows are working towards not only a Masters Degree but more importantly a career in the field of making your own piece of peace.

Information at or contact Susan Grossman [email protected].