Stressed out communities in California caused by Progressive policies

Flying under the radar, a real estate web site called Movoto has released a list of the 10 most stressed out communities in the United States.  Three cities in California San Francisco, Oakland, and Los Angeles make the top of the list behind the leader Washington D.C. the most difficult locations for people to live.

Criteria for this list included:

  • commute time
  • Unemployment
  • High cost of living
  • Crime per 100,000 residents
  • Hours worked
  • Population density
  • Percentage of income spent on rent

Is it a coincidence that the top 10 stressed out communities, which also included New York, Miami, Jersey City, Newark, Chicago, and Philadelphia, are all controlled politically by liberal democratic regimes?  I think not. It would appear that policies formulated on a local and state level have ended up throwing kerosene on making their citizens lives’ miserable.

It is true in the Golden State that commuting, whether it is by car or public transport, is a time consuming process for those who must go through this ordeal each day. The solution at least in Northern California is the insane One Bay Area Plan devised by regional agencies. The Association of Bay Area Governments (ABAG) and the Metropolitan Transportation Commission (MTC) formulate policies that build stack and pack housing near mass transit hubs

This ridiculous waste of government funds, which purports to reduce carbon foot prints and create ecological sustainability is only going to cause more misery and stress for those who live in these instant ghettos. This sketchy future will no doubt be made worse by restrictive land use policies that do not allow for population growth to occur in a realistic manner that makes sense economically or ecologically.

As a result, the cost of housing goes up in California especially in large cities which receive State and Federal subsidies. This likely will be  the case in suburban communities as well if legislation such as SB-1 and SB-33 are  implemented to augment earlier laws that dictate redevelopment.

Going along with current urban planning models is the assumption that high paying jobs are going to be somehow created. In reality other than construction and hiring government employees, such a scenario is a complete fantasy.

The 10 Most Stressed Out Cities In America

The truth is most of the employment coming out of building Project Development Areas (PDA’s) will be of a service variety. This is a code word for part time work and minimum wages at fast food outlets and franchises that will force bread winners to toil for multiple businesses to make ends meet.

Unfortunately, increasing pay for unskilled labor to living wages will never break the cycle of poverty that exists today. At the same time increased government regulations on small business continues to drive better paying jobs out of California.  Progressive politicians in California assail Texas Governor Rick Perry’s free market philosophies while at the same time their unemployment rates continue to spiral out of control.

A corollary to California’s and large metropolitan communities decline is the need for high taxes to support big government and huge social service entitlements to prop up their failing economic models. In addition to causing an exodus of local jobs to business friendly states, and a high cost of living, these California’s failed progressive policies have resulted in rising levels of crime for an increasingly desperate population.

While squandering taxpayer money in such areas as housing, social welfare, public schools, crime prevention, etc…. whose intentions look good on paper; they are no substitute for providing jobs and a foundation for a wholesome environment for families to successfully prosper.

There is a hideous notion among progressives that government intervention is a substitute for the nuclear family. The results speak for themselves especially in public education where the dismal performance of the schools reflects the malaise in society.

The question is how many years if not generations will it take for us to realize promoting a stressful urban life style is not the way to go? While San Francisco, Oakland, Los Angeles and their cousins throughout the United States continue to struggle, other communities throughout the United States have gotten the message. We have seen the rebirth of such diverse areas as Indiana, Ohio, Michigan, and Wisconsin where leaner government has lead to economic turnarounds.

It is not a coincidence that most of the states which that have recovered from the Bush-Obama Recession are Red States. It is this realization that will likely propel the Republican Party to majorities in both houses of Congress in the November elections.

Does this make any difference in California? Probably not. It’s no secret that the State Government is controlled by progressive legislators who represent large metropolitan areas such as Los Angeles, San Francisco, Santa Clara, and Alameda.

These communities are where elected officials who are the keepers of the political cards reside. Whether their constituents at this point are stressed out means little as they keep on voting in limousine liberals who continue to implement failed policies that have destroyed California’s once vibrant economy.

Almost all objectivity has been lost. Recently I spoke with a liberal friend about the 16th Assembly race where political operative Steve Glazer is running on an anti union platform against progressive Tim Sbranti. In the event Glazer wins the primary, I asked my friend if he would support what he called an unprincipled career politician against highly qualified Republican moderate Catherine Baker?

The answer was an emphatic “no.” Apparently, it is better to support a candidate totally controlled by special interests over an individual whose biggest fault is being a member of the GOP.

This makes me sad. How can we ever change government in a positive way if people are so doctrinaire? Whatever happened to the notion that it is best to elect people of honesty and integrity rather than based solely on their political party affiliation?

As proof, isn’t the political environment healthier on local city councils which tend to be non-partisan where pot holes are not a Democratic or Republican thing?

Fortunately, this notion is not completely lost in American politics. There are still independent and undecided voters who occasionally rise up from the ashes and surprise us by getting rid of office holders who are not working for the people’s best interests.

The question is how long will it take for California’s stressed out communities and urban populations to make a U-turn from the progressive yellow brick road to ruin?

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  1. Hal Bray says

    My wife and I had to go to Berkeley last weekend for a workshop on the UC campus. If Berkeley is the model for a progressive world, we are in big trouble. Substandard housing, poorly cared for (the result of rent control), potholed streets, a downtown that makes a third world country look good, the city is a total ____hole. Of course, we have the “limousine liberals” living in the hills, but they are not going to rub elbows with the common folks in the flat lands.. most of my friends who lived in Berkeley moved once they had children so they would not have to tolerate the Berkeley school district. The workshop we went to was okay, but the lessons I learned driving through Berkeley was well worth the day. Thanks, Richard for expanding my view of the worst cities in America.

  2. says

    Let’s look at New York, for the last 180 years or so it has been the most urbanized city in America. During that time it has been dominated by just about every range of political party in the country and with great swings. So I suspect the theme that progressives cause stress may be stretching it…but then again you could be under so much stress that you leaping to conclusions.