SB-1370 will simplify prevailing wage requirements for contractors

Nicole Goehring reports that the California Assembly Labor and Employment Committee today passed SB 1370 out of Committee on a 7-0 vote. Sponsored by the Associated Builders and Contractors of California, SB 1370 (Berryhill) will help all licensed contractors that bid and work on public works projects by establishing a one-stop web-based listing of all projects subject to state mandated construction wage rates.

ABC California believes having a comprehensive web-based list will improve the construction industry by increasing government transparency and improving compliance with both project owners and contractors alike.

As you probably know, there are dozens of statutes scattered throughout California Codes that mandate payment of prevailing wage on a variety of projects. SB 1370 will make this a one-stop checkpoint to make bidding simpler and compliant with state law.

“While contractors like us have been performing public works projects for decades, there are many new contractors entering this field. SB1370 results in a level playing field for bidding because it will help even new contractors understand the complex rules regarding prevailing wage requirements in California,” said Ken Kreischer from Western Water Constructors, Inc.

The Associated Builders and Contractors of California is committed to improve the construction industry by working with legislators and regulators to find new and innovative solutions to help California’s licensed contractors and small businesses survive the current economic time and improve compliance with State Public Works Law.


  1. Ken Hambrick says

    There are many studies that show PLAs raise the construction costs by 15-29%. Any jurisdiction using PLAs is not making judicious use of taxpayers’ money and the board agreeing to one should be dumped. Why should we get up to 20% less for our money?