RPA, McLaughlin fail to railroad Richmond minimum wage hike past Council

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  1. Frank Arouet says

    Nice touch with the racing Soviet era diesel locomotive with the red star emblem on the nose of the engine.

  2. says

    The best way of raising the standard of living for all, is not by dictate of wage standards, but rather by stimulating the economy, including removing restrictive regulatory bureaucracy, which stifles free market enterprises, innovations and individual pride.

    In recent months we have seen a steep rise in food prizes because the government has caused “Man made” drought in the Central Valley, for the sake of the Delta Smelt, a non-native bait fish.
    The government has also failed to built reservoirs to capture and store excess water during the heavy rain season; Instead, some areas are plagued with heavy flooding and or the excess water just runs down into the sewer drains and off to the ocean.

    Safely extracting our natural resources, to bring down heating oil, and gas prizes, is also a
    failure of the federal and state government, leaving us to pay through the nose at the gas pumps.
    I am a strong proponent of The Fair Tax, which will not only stimulate our economy, but will also curb, if not not eliminate a lot of illegal activities, such as, black market employment, illegal immigration, illegal gambling, etc….
    You can learn more about the Fair Tax by clicking on the linls provided below.

    No, dictating higher minimum wage standards, does not eliminate “income inequality”, it creates it. Just look at Detroit, where high wages ruled the day, until it became unsustainable.
    I know, because I was a small business owner, who actually created jobs for others.

    Virginia Fuller, RN., Write-in Congressional Candidate for the American Independent Party.

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    Side by Side Comparison of the FairTax, FlatTax and Current Income Tax
    FairTax FAQs
    Effective Tax Rates