Republican Party Endorsements and the County Voter Guide

The Contra Costa Republican Party understands there is confusion over the sample ballot voters have received. We thank Halfway to Concord for the recent article about the absence of Republican Party Endorsements in the voter guide.

The absence of Republican Party Endorsements in the guide is due to the statewide California Republican Party (CRP) choosing to not endorse candidates for the Primary election under the new “Top Two” format. Further confusion may be generated by the decision of other parties to endorse Republican candidates. Additionally, it is important to note that other political parties can and have endorsed Republicans, even if it is not the preference of that candidate. Republican voters should look for candidates who are Republican.

Under its current principles of “Rebuild, Renew and Reclaim”, the statewide California Republican Party (CRP) enacted an endorsement process that is triggered by our county parties and prohibits the Statewide CRP from endorsing for statewide office. Generally speaking, candidates are encouraged to seek endorsements at the local and county level during the primary.

Statewide, the party is focused on building the strongest state and county party volunteer infrastructure and voter turnout operation possible, to help all Republican candidates up and down the ballot in the general election. If the Board of Directors and the County Central Committees represented in a contested district race all agree, the statewide party will entertain an endorsement discussion in certain circumstances.

In Contra Costa County, the local organization did chose to post Republican Party endorsements for a number of statewide candidates for the Primary. The endorsements and a Voter’s Guide can be found at the website at or on their Facebook page:

Through the November election it will remain the CRP’s mission to provide support to Republican candidates on the ballot in June and November.

The Contra Costa Republican Party ask that people access its website and/or FaceBook page for updated information and/or to have any of their questions answered.

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  1. says

    “Republican voters should look for candidates who are Republican.”

    This statement sent chills up my spine, because it is very scary. It is no less dangerous then the democrats voting for Barrack Hussein Obama, because he is Black or out of White liberal guilt; (because we all should know by now that all KKK members were democrats) and therefor, they see no evil, hear no evil and follow him blindly, no matter what, even if it means the destruction of U.S. economy or giving financial aid to the very terrorist groups that attacked us here in America or in foreign countries.
    It seems to me that the CA. GOP is very confused, has no vision, no direction and no spine. They create and amend bylaws at wimps, in their desparate attempt to win seats, at any cost, even if they have to run on a democratic platform with candidates who are republicans in name only.
    I travel around in my congressional district, of Contra Costa County, and I get a pretty good sense of the sentiment of the majority of my constituent about the GOP. And I can honestly tell you, that the sentiment is all but flattering.
    In general most people express disgust and frustration. Seniors, who have been long time republican voters, are telling me that they do not donate to the party anymore. Sadly, its the group that got so dissolution, that they don’t want to vote anymore, that worries me.
    So I keep telling them, “If we give up, then the bad guys win”.

    So last week Thursday, I met all the CD-11 candidates at the So. Richmond candidates forum except the heir to the throne of King George.
    He, Mark DeSaulnier, sent a staff to fill in, and the church ladies (mostly seniors) allowed him.
    I could tolerate him reading a prepared statement, but when they also wanted him to answer questions as if he was a candidate, I objected and stood my ground.
    So they took a vote by show of hands. I believe it was 50/50 and those supporting my position were definitely more vocal.
    To my amazement, I was the only one on the panel who had the guts to raise my hand when they were counting the votes.
    But the “Yes” got it their way, and he was allowed to sit on the panel.
    So when it was my turn to answer a question in 1 minute, I gave a short answer and said to him, since you are here to fill in for MD, why don’t you tell us more about the new “Tax per mileage” bill he has authored? (The audience gasped with eyes wide open.)
    Would you believe that the ladies came to his rescue?
    They said, “we have a format, and he doesn’t have to answer that question.”

    Most of the questions were about SS. and medicare.
    There was one question about the use of drones.
    There was no question what so ever about the 2nd Amendment or gun control.
    Judge Phan Quang Tue, volunteered and boosted that he is “in favor of stricter gun control laws”.
    Then he went further to assert that he believes that water boarding is torture and inhumane.
    So there you have it! A republican, endorsed by the GOP, who is in favor of gun control, obamacare, amnesty, and abortion.
    Proud to be a republican?
    I have no regrets and proud to be an Independent citizen.