Republican Party endorsements missing from Contra Costa Primary Voter Pamphlet

Republican Party endorsements primary election endorsements do not appear the Contra Costa County Voter Information Pamphlet and Sample Ballot for California’s 2014 June Primary elections. Endorsements from the Peace and Freedom, American Independent, and Democrat parties appear, but not the GOP’s endorsements. Voters are receiving the Voter Guide in the mail this week. California’s Primary Elections will be held June 3.

Contra Costa County Clerk Joe Canciamilla explains that the State GOP did not issue any endorsements. Due to minority representation in many districts in the East Bay with strong Democrat incumbents Republicans have no Republican contender. And in some races, including Governor, the State GOP apparatus has not scratched the itch to endorse Neil Kaskari or Tim Donnelley (although the AIP endorsed Donnelly).

But why miss a chance to build name identification for Catharine Baker (AS-16) or Judge Phan (CD-11)? Even if Rich Kinney (AD-15) has slim odds of winning that race v Democrat incumbent Nancy Skinner, why not raise the banner?

Thanks for the tip from Sean Brennan.

Contra Costa County Voter Information Packet Ommission

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