Prop 90 inspires Orwellian double talk from Times Editorial Board

Just like a local garbage monopoly, the local newspaper has everything to gain and nothing to lose when it supports unfettered growth and advocates destruction of safe guards for Fifth Amendment Rights.

Ken Hambrick’s recent letter to the editor (10/15) points out some of the Orwellian double talk spewing forth from the Times’s pro development editorial board and I reprint it here

Prop. 90 will curb eminent domain abuse

The Times editorial urging a no vote on Proposition 90 got it all wrong. It was right, though, when it said this proposition would “severely limit the government’s use of eminent domain.” That’s exactly what it should do. Use of eminent domain has been out of control for a long time, especially by redevelopment agencies.

Under Prop. 90, governments could still take private property to build roads, schools, parks and other government-owned facilities, but not take it away for a developer. That’s a proper use of eminent domain.

Prop. 90 contains provisions for property owners to be compensated if government takes action that prevents the private owner from developing his or her land to its best use. But this will not cost a government a dime unless it makes this kind of decision.

Prop. 90 may not be perfect but it’s definitely a step in the right direction.

Don’t buy into the propaganda that this proposition will bankrupt governments or favors developers. It favors citizens and restores the Fifth Amendment property rights protection that the U.S. Supreme Court shredded with its infamous Kelo decision in Connecticut. This new state law will protect all Californians.