Prop 32 tied. The 2nd most important race you’ll vote for

Forget Prop 30. Proposition 32 stops union bosses and corporations from taking money from workers’ paychecks without permission and giving it to Sacramento politicians to influence votes!

Have you seen the recent California Business Roundtable survey? It shows Prop 32 tied: YES 45% vs NO 45% with 10% undecided.

Check out the poll here:!

Could Romney coattails, even in California, can produce high Conservative turnout on Election day that could push Prop 32 over the finish line!

Why is Prop 32 so important to pass? We need to fix runaway pensions, wasteful spending, and record deficits in California. That’s nearly impossible to do the way the current system is set up.


  1. Jane Q Citizen says

    Unions do have “opt outs” so members money doesn’t go to pack…just like “opt outs” for those of certain religions…..Prop 32 was not “campaign reform” like the proponents were claiming……Yes we need true campaign reform but it need to restict at ALL level….Private, union and corporate. And out of State interest like those from Arizon and Wisconsin need to keep the nose out of California business.

  2. Jane Q Citizen says

    So BGR you are saying it is okay to silence the working mans voice and that big corportations like Seeno and Garaventa can by all the seat they want on all the political fronts??? Hmmmmmmmmmmmm……………… Like I said 32 is not real campaign reform. Re-read what I said as if a plan like I mention were used it would eliminate “special interest” be it union or corporation………….remember corporations like Chevron or more locally Seeno and Garaventa are the evil ones. Prop 32 is just another way for the corporation in and out of California to silence the workers……I’m starting to think you favor the wealthy and are very anti-worker.

    • says

      I simply pointed out the logical consequences of your suggestion that campaigns be self-funded; where only the elites: the clerisy or plutocrats, will always dominate.

      Actually I am very pro worker, especially when it concerns workers’ right to choose who represents them, and whether their money is being taken without permission to support political views they do not hold. I am also pro union, but also believe that closed shop is unjust to all workers.

      I believe Prop 32 is campaign finance reform, not electoral reform. Real election reform will require replacing plurality voting in single member districts to different forms of proportional voting and multi-member districts.

  3. Jane Q Citizen says

    Prop 32 is not real campaign reform. Real campaign reform would limit how much Union PACS could contribute, how much average citizens could contribute and how much CORPORATIONS could contribute…….This is just another rediculous attempt to union bust but the moronic right wing…….My feeling is if you want to run for offie put up your own money so you will not owe any group anything……….

    • says

      Then only the rich will run for office or those backed by special interests. So its either tools like Gray Davis and Jerry Brown or plutocrats like Meg and Arnold.

  4. Kris Hunt, Executive Director says

    This measure has been vetted by legal experts. It will withstand a court case. This is not the first state to have such measures.

  5. Common Tater says

    So Prop 32 passes. We know damn well that it will be declared unconstitutional by some sissy in a black robe.