Prop 31 proposes punitive regionalism, not good government

Stanley Kurtz, author of Spreading the Wealth: How Obama is Robbing the Suburbs to Pay for the Cities, joins a growing chorus of opponents to California Proposition 31, which proposes redistributionst war on California suburbs in order to fund cities due largely to half a century of failed progressive policies.

Kurtz tips his hat to Wayne Lusvardi, who writes for Cal Watchdog, who has been one of the first to call for scrutiny of Proposition 31. Prop 31 is which backed by former Democrat Assembly Speaker Robert Hertzberg and his radical Forward America liberal think tank.

Kurtz points out that voters know little of Proposition 31 as it has been presented by proponents as good government language designed to put voters to sleep. In fact, Proposition 31 proposes taxation without representation for communities that choose not to join some regional government in charge of siphoning money from suburbs to pay for so-called “smart growth” in city centers.

Goodbye Alamo.

Did you know the California Republicans in the legislature voted in support for this freedom destroying legislation? Complete and utter gutless idiots who have allowed the Stalinists running the Democrat Party in California to handcuff our liberty and right to local government and line them up against the wall.

Proposition 31 is the most important policy points every single voters should ask their city council members and candidates to comment on. Then vote them out if they support Proposition 31.