Pombo endorses Goehring in CA-11

Former Congressman Richard Pombo has endorsed San Joaquin County farmer Brad Goehring as the Republican best suited to win back the 11th Congressional District for the GOP.

According to the Goehring campaign,

“Brad Goehring is the only candidate from San Joaquin County. The Bay area has nine Congressmen, we have one. We need a strong tough congressman that won’t back down. Brad’s tough enough to take on the liberal incumbent currently representing the 11th District and will bring representation back to San Joaquin County,” said Pombo. “Brad knows the importance of agriculture, protecting private property rights and taking on the environmentalists who have destroyed our way of life here in the valley.

“Richard’s endorsement is a tremendous show of support for my agenda of cutting up Barack Obama’s credit card and bringing constitutional representation to the 11th District,” said Goehring. “I plan on being a thorn in the side of the liberals running Congress the way Richard Pombo was and I’m ready for the battle to take back America . I will fight tooth and nail to protect San Joaquin County families and businesses from the oppressive bureaucracy and taxation being forced upon us by Washington D.C. ”


  1. Steven says

    Whoopdie do. Pombo did nothing for us in 14 years and thats what Brad aspires to be? “I plan on being a thorn in the side of the liberals running Congress the way Richard Pombo was” Thorn, we need more than a thorn we need a voice that will look out for the voters not Brad’s big business buddies. Did you see the article where he planted an orchard illegally and where he says 40% of his work force are illegal aliens have you seen the mud he and his buddies are throwing at all the other candidates? Imagine with such disregard for the laws and people what kind of politician he would be. We deserve much, much better than Brad Goehring.