PG&E to strengthen its natural gas pipeline system locally

PG&E will be working soon in Concord, as part of its continuing campaign of strengthening its natural gas pipeline system and become an industry leader in pipeline safety excellence.

PG&E to strengthen its natural gas pipeline system update


PG&E announces natural gas pipeline system reprais program for Concord, CA- Work is expected to begin soon, and is expected to continue through this Spring. Check back for updates.

- Between one to two crews of PG&E authorized contractors (three to ten people) may be on site at any one time.

- There will be no interruption of gas and electric service.

- All work will be conducted Monday through Friday between the hours of 8 a.m. and 5 p.m.

This year, PG&E conducted a comprehensive survey of its 6,750-mile natural gas pipeline system using high-precision Global Positioning System (GPS) mapping technology.

A more precise pipeline map allows PG&E to better serve our customers, enhance its ongoing pipeline safety programs and work more efficiently with first responders.

The PG&E survey involved locating and mapping the center of the transmission pipeline, placing above-ground pipeline markers for future reference, and checking the area above our pipe for structures or certain vegetation, such as sheds, patios and trees, which can interfere with our ability to maintain, inspect and safely operate the system.

As part of its commitment to safety, PG&E is now working cooperatively with property owners and municipalities to address items located in the area above the pipe and ensure ready access to our pipelines now and into the future. As part of this program, for residential property owners, PG&E and its shareholders will typically pay to remove or, if possible, relocate these items and provide reasonable replacements.

In most cases, commercial property owners will be responsible for the removal of any incompatible items located above the pipeline. PG&E will work with commercial property owners on a case-by-case basis to assess and determine the best course of action for each property.

PG&E is also working with cities, counties and municipalities to address trees and vegetation located in the area above the pipe on city-owned and franchise areas, such as street medians, sidewalks, and parks. If a tree needs to be removed for safety reasons, PG&E offers a replacement tree for every tree removed and restores the area disturbed by the removal work.

Going forward, PG&E will be performing regular inspections, providing ongoing education, partnering with cities to help build awareness around safe uses near critical infrastructure, and sharing information with property owners so they understand our shared responsibility to keep the area above the pipeline accessible.

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