Parents cheat to get kids into good schools

The Contra Costa Times today finally lectured its readers on the problem of Contra Costa parents who cheat and present fraudulent documents so they can help their kids escape from horrible schools and get them into “better” ones.

This has been going on for at least a decade. Before the crack downs, people would boast of these exploits. I had immigrant neighbors that lied like politicans to get their kids out of Mt Diablo Unified School District. I currently know of at least three other parents who’d rather cheat than have their kids waste away in poor performing schools. Plus there are those who choose to move from Concord, for example, to some other area just to escape MDUSD, or to Pleasant Hill just to attend Sequoia, a lone outpost of acceptable middle school performance.

This is a much bigger problem than even the Times, let alone the MDUSD school board, wants to let on. Talk about denial.