Occupy joins Tea Party to oppose phony ABAG-MTC One Bay Area planning process

Occupy Redwood City has announced it is working with the Tea Party to shine the light on the One Bay Area process. Occupy Redwood City has to date never spoken with anyone from this tea party group about this issue. We want to point out that the Tea Party adamantly opposes the ONE BAY AREA plan as entirely unconstitutional. We agree with OWS that the public input process and the regional bodies pushing it have been less than transparent and there is no accountability to the tax payers. However, we do not think having more rigged workshops is the answer. Here’s the headline from the RedWood City OWS press release.

Occupy Redwood City (ORWC) officially endorsed a proposal to lock arms with environmental activists and Tea Party groups as a response to what some Bay Area residents are describing as a regional planning effort to greenwash California law SB 375 (Steinberg). The groups intend to protest the upcoming Association of Bay Area Governments (ABAG) executive board meeting on March 15 in Oakland to decry the lack of transparency and accountability in the planning process and to demand that regional agencies hold public workshops in all Bay Area cities and unincorporated communities. ORWC is proud to be the first Occupy group in the region to call attention to this issue and is calling on all other local Bay Area Occupy groups to join them on March 15.

This whole ABAG-MTC process and plan are unconstitutional and must be abandoned! The Government should not dictate how and where the people of the Bay Area will live over the next 30 years. Plan Bay Area calls for policies that violates private property rights and infringes on the civil liberties of individuals. The workshops are rigged and the outcome is predetermined. This plan must be stopped.

I guess MTC and ABAG are going to have to finally admit that the Tea Party is not their only opposition! Things are getting more interesting by the day!

The ABAG Executive Board Meeting, which meets on the Third Thursday of every other month will next meet on: March 15th at 7 p.m. at Metrocenter Auditorium, 101 8th Street (at Oak Street), Oakland CA 94607

Let’s all show up.


  1. lauren7black says

    Thank you for being American’s first. We can stop One Bay Area together. We all believe in a better, cleaner environment. We don’t believe in being blackmailed into Socialism.