Orinda City Council must respect religious diversity in the community

religious-diversity-orindaOrinda mayor and city council member, Amy Worth, has stated that the council will be more “mindful” of religious holidays when it plans future meetings. On March 20, 2013, this reporter wrote Worth, stating he “would appreciate the city council’s noting that its next meeting is scheduled for 4 P.M., Monday, March 25, 2013.” In a Dec. 1 e-mail letter to this reporter, Worth stated, “I agree that it is very important that we be mindful of religious holidays when we plan city meetings.”

In his letter, this reporter added: “At sundown that evening (Monday, March 25), the Jewish holiday of Passover begins. While the council meeting begins at 4 P.M. and sundown is not until about 7:25 P.M., members of the Jewish faith are often busy with preparations for the Passover Seder, the commemorative service and meal marking the exodus of Jews from Egyptian slavery.”

Worth’s reply to this reporter’s letter took more than eight months.

So much for protection, even celebration of religious diversity. One has to wonder if Worth would have replied sooner if someone from the NAACP (the National Association of Colored People) had complained that a meeting of the Orinda City Council were to take place during the Martin Luther King holiday. Also, would Worth have responded more quickly if a Christian group had complained about a city-council meeting occurring on Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, or Easter Sunday?

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