Orinda citizens blast Stack-and-Pack construction plans

Strong opposition emerged Tuesday night (Jan. 31) to plans to create high-density, high-rise housing in Orinda. About 10 Orinda residents told the Orinda City Council that they did not want high-rise, high-density housing placed in Orinda. No Orinda residents spoke in favor of the city’s plans to revamp Orinda by building new apartments, condominiums, and stores in the city.

In some strong commentary, this reporter asked the city council who wrote the following words: ” . . . hope never comes . . . “[there is] torture without end . . .” When no one on the city council responded, this reporter said he was quoting John Milton’s “Paradise Lost.”

“Orinda is becoming Paradise Lost,” he said.

Other speakers criticized the city’s plan to build, in downtown Orinda, high-rise apartments for low-income senior residents. The apartments, one speaker argued, would create parking difficulties and traffic congestion in a city where parking and traffic are already problems.

In recent months, Bay Area-wide opposition has emerged to plans to build so-called transit villages. Such villages are designed to pack large numbers of individuals into tall buildings near transportation hubs like BART stations. Transit villages are designed to encourage people to use public transportation instead of cars.