New Year resolutions for politicians in 2014

As each year comes to a conclusion New Year’s resolutions are made often to be soon forgotten by the time Valentine’s Day approaches. I am personally planning a diet, go on the wagon and attend a 12 step program on not writing articles of my distain for the Plan Bay Area. With therapy and a reduction of calories I should be cured just in time for St. Patrick’s Day. New Year resolutions for politicians, however, are more problematic.

New Year resolutions for politicians for 2014.

Barak Obama: Get along with people other than your supporters who attend fundraisers. Spend more time running the country than running for office. Remember, dude you are termed out in 2016. It is good you just hired an advisor from the Clinton Administration to put your Presidency back on track.

John Boehner: Act more like a statesman than an operative of the Republican Party. Like the Chief Executive in the White House, you need to reach out to the opposition rather than waiting until after the elections in 2014 to plot your next move.

Nancy Pelosi & Harry Reid: Your tired act of blaming everyone but yourself for the failures of Congress is getting very thin. The best thing you guys can do for your country is retire. With a lame duck President in the White House, the Democratic Party desperately needs new leadership. “It ain’t you babe.

Barbara Boxer: Trying to remember your accomplishments in the Senate is like imagining what the contents of an empty glass might be. For you no New Year’s resolutions are necessary or as Gertrude Stein once said there “was never a there, there” for you Babs.

Diane Feinstein: Many of us don’t always agree with you but know over the years your record of working for your constituents has never been questioned. At this stage try to be a force that brings Republicans and Democrats together rather than they be tweeting poison arrows at one another. Be a modern day Henry Clay for the Senate.

George Miller: In your role as Congressman you have skillfully utilized your coalition of public employee labor unions, construction unions, environment groups, and entitlement recipients into an unchallengeable position in the district. For 2014, try to look after the declining middle class whose influence in the political process continues to wane.

Jerry Brown: Keep up the good work. You have done an excellent job reining in the wack jobs in the legislature who think Sacramento controls the world. After you win a second (or should we say a 4th term  next year) continue to resist the forces of socialism and those who place current needs before accounting for unfunded pension mandates that further bury the State in red ink. And one last thing for me; don’t sign SB-1.

Mark De Saulnier:  We know you covet succeeding Darrell Steinberg as the Democratic Majority Leader in the Senate, but to do so is it necessary to sell out your constituents by co-sponsoring  SB-1? You gained power in Sacramento by holding offices in Concord and on the County level. Why would you betray these people to gain more power for the State on making urban planning decisions? Remember your more conservative political roots.

Susan Bonilla: It is commendable that you are raising money for flood relief in the Philippines, holding youth soccer clinics and buying holiday gifts from local merchants. However these public good deeds do not make up for your support of job killer bills as defined by the State  Chamber of  Commerce. Aditionally, with more funds available for public education, you need to work with Governor Brown on implementing much needed educational reforms, even if your buddies with the Teacher’s Union are opposed.

Supervisor Karen Mitchoff: Try to survive with so many special interests nipping at your heels as you attempt to negotiate a fair labor agreement with county workers. The good news is the “silent majority” in the 4th District approves the job you are doing and will resoundingly re-elect you despite discontent among progressives and some union hacks.

The Concord City Council: Show some courage and stand up to the legislature in opposition to programs, guidelines, and new laws which increase the power of the State over local communities. Without guidance from an elected body such as the City Council, your constituents will soon be governed almost solely by “Big Brother” in Sacramento.

Concord Mayor Tim Grayson: Being less vocal than many of the others who serve with you on the City Council is not a bad thing. Thus far in your brief tenure you have shown a quiet leadership preferring to understand issues before expressing your own views. Being placed in a position of being mayor for a two year term, you will need to be the voice of the community. Good luck with this.

Former Mayor Dan Helix: Our thanks go to you for taking time out from your well deserved retirement and serving Concord once again. For those of us who weren’t around during your last stint on the City Council some  forty years ago, we were lucky to see you in action showing leadership as being a General in the Army might indicate. Keep up the good work for the rest of your term.

City Council member Ron Leone: Continue to be a consensus builder although it is OK once in awhile to send chumps packing. As Vice-Mayor this next year you can be a big help to Tim Grayson. It is good that you enjoy going to all those events and meetings, as most of us would be burned out by such a schedule. Hope this energy can be maintained.

City Council member Laura Hoffmeister: Outside of taking the time to eat a wholesome meal every couple days or so, keep your memory sharp as both Concord and Clayton need you to remember where all the skeletons and interesting memos are buried in city government. In keeping with the motto “The key to knowing the future is understanding the past,” your budget expertise is needed now more than ever.

City Council member Edi Birsan: A new year’s resolution Edi is easy. Pass legislation in the City Council to extend each day from 24 to at least 30 hours. Between running a business, attending community meetings, picking fruit for food banks, running the “Pulse of Concord”, participating in Rotary Club, and working on the City Council, there just aren’t enough hours in the day for you to finish all the activities youparticipates in. After describing all of this we can easily say, “But wait there’s more…” But space limitations preclude this. Hopefully, Edi can relax a little more in 2014 between events.

City Manager Valerie Barone: After a successful first year holding this stressful job, hopefully Valerie can remain focused even with the world often crumbling around her. With budget cuts, zoning ordinances, labor negotiations,  sewers, pot holes, and City Council members’ demands, she never seems to be rattled. Whatever sanity pill the City Manager is taking, please prescribe me a six pack.


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