Network security for your business, Luncheon Mar 18

Network Security for your business – Strategies and Methods
When: March 18th, 11:30AM -1:00PM (11:00 checkin/networking)
Where: Club Sport Fremont, 46650 Landing Parkway, Fremont

In the modern Information Age, it’s more important than ever to keep your business’ Information Technology (IT) Infrastructure protected from attack and disasters. The same technologies that make inter-network communication so easy also provide a number of places where unseen vulnerabilities expose your company to attack.

In its fast-paced information luncheon event hosted by Clare Computer Solutions, you will get a broad overview of the possible attack vectors, and the tactics and technologies that can mitigate those risks.

It takes a combination of commitment, corporate culture and technological tools to ensure that your IT environment (and your business) is consistently protected while enabling all the benefits of modern technology.

<h2>Network security for your business topics</h2>

*Common (and not-so-common) Cyber-Attack Vectors

*How Your Corporate Culture Contributes to Network Security

*Technologies to Help in Protecting Your Network

*How to Keep Up in an Ever Changing Threat Landscape

Barracuda Networks will be co-presenting at this event.

Attendees to this event also get a free day at Club Sport Fremont!

This event is designed for both business owners and technical personnel. Won’t you join us?

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