Musician and Activist Celeste Paradise Makes an Impression on the Bay Area

conservative folk music, celeste paradise, san francisco A local Concord resident has found her way to fight what she sees as encroaching government seeking to reduce our freedom.  Celeste Paradise, who can be seen driving around the East Bay in her red pickup splattered with right-wing political bumper stickers, is an atypical conservative political activist by appearance, intent on setting the brush fires of freedom in the minds of men. Her weapon? A guitar, an amazing voice, and a mind filled with ideas about freedom and liberty.

Celeste recently played a music set for the attendees of the most recent Mt. Diablo Liberty on the Rocks event. Her songs included The Seller, a song about capitalism and freedom featured on a Conservative New Media webcast, “You would have owned slaves“, about political conformity; and the a cappella “Dress Blues” from the point of view of a military wife. Her two CD’s, which she was selling at the event, include other songs such as “A Letter to the King’s son” about recent American presidents, and a new version of the Star Spangled Banner, with lyrics about the awakening of the American people, which she sang on stage at this year’s tax day protests in San Francisco.

She plays multiple instruments and enlists the help of Bill Bently Studios to produce her music. In her spare time, Celeste likes to read political and philosophical books from authors such as Mark Levin and Ron Paul, and hanging out with fellow right-wing activists in movies and coffee shops discussing conservative philosophy and policy. She is a very active activist and attended recent events such as the Pleasant Hill City Planning Commission meeting when they considered zoning amendments for gun dealers, and the so-called “One Bay Area” meetings to voice her opinion about potential violations of property rights.

Celeste can be found at a local Peet’s with her nose in an Ayn Rand book, or hanging out and selling CD’s at local events put on by Liberty on the Rocks, The East Bay Tea Party, and the Conservative Resource Center. Other songs can be heard on her Youtube page.


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    This is a very wise young lady. She sat at my ‘small group’ (pardon me while I barf!) table at the recent Agenda 21 road show Plan Bay Area in Concord. She was very good at disrupting
    events. We need more young saavy activists like Celeste.