Citizens challenge MTC-ABAG public hearings peddling predetermined outcomes promoting UN Agenda 21

Last night about 50 citizen activists turned a ONE BAY AREA public Delphi meeting in Santa Rosa, CA upside down. WE REFUSED TO BE GOOD GERMANS. What happened? We spoke out, video recorded the meeting, entered the meeting without signing in, refused to be railroaded, continually corrected the government/consultant lies and called them out, did not participate in the phony ‘voting’, did not give our names to the establishment press, brought in cameras and signs, distributed flyers warning the organizers not to violate the open meeting laws, and did not get arrested although police were called. We exercised our rights as Americans.

Who are we? A coalition of independent citizens from all over the SF Bay Area, Democrats, Property Rights Advocates, Tea Party members, Republicans, Libertarians, non-affiliated Independents—brave Americans standing together to resist tyranny.

What is ONE BAY AREA? A regional plan to direct federal and state transportation dollars over the next 25 years to specific cities that have agreed to ONLY approve smart growth and ONLY approve it in limited pre-designated areas of just a few towns in the entire San Francisco Bay Area.

Using ridiculously inflated population projections, ONE BAY AREA states that future housing must designed in one of their ‘approved’ smart growth models and developed in a Priority Development Area. A Priority Development Area (PDA) is a so-called transportation corridor—usually a busy street with a bus line or near a proposed train station. This PDA can be as small as a half-block or as large as a square mile. All of the projected new population for the next 25 years will be accommodated by housing within this designated area. No other housing developments will be approved for the next 25 years—or the city will not get their piece of the transportation funding. We’re talking about 200 Billion dollars of federal and state transportation dollars for the SF Bay Area over the 25 year term.

Do you see what this will do to property values outside of the specific PDA’s? It will destroy them. Do you see what this does to individual cities? It destroys their sovereignty. ONE BAY AREA is a regional plan that breaks down boundaries and pushes UN Agenda 21. Northern California is one of 11 Mega Regions in the US. It includes 31 counties, 48,000 square miles, 15 million people, and part of TWO STATES–California and NEVADA. Do you see how this happens? We thought we had 50 states, but now we have ELEVEN MEGA REGIONS. Using transportation dollars, grants, legislation (SB 375 & AB 32 in California), and pressure, your government is destroying your ability to be self-determining. will have the video on this site and YouTube later today or tomorrow. Watch it and USE IT. We guarantee you that you’ll have a chance real soon because these meetings are coming to your town. Learn how to expose the predetermined plans MTC-ABAG are ready to foist on Bay Area Citizens with carefully orchestrated public hearings that cannot accept true public input.

Rosa Koire, ASA
Executive Director
Post Sustainability Institute