More rubbish from Concord City Council

In 2006, the city council gave Concord’s garbage company, Concord Disposal Services (Garaventa Enterprises), a 15-year no-bid contract. The garbage company was also given an option to extend the contract for another five years. These many years of bad garbage management by the Concord City Council are having the predictable effect: Concord’s garbage company wants to raise prices announced last week.

Concord Disposal Services has handled Concord’s garbage for many decades. The decision to offer the Garaventa family such a sweetheart deal was made when Susan Bonilla, now a member of the California State Assembly, was Concord’s mayor.

The city council should have the political courage to ask a wide variety of garbage-collection companies to bid on rubbish pick-up services. For too long, Concord Disposal Services has had, in effect, a monopoly on Concord’s garbage services.

In a time of high unemployment and high home-foreclosure rates, the city council should be working to keep garbage rates as low as possible.


  1. Concerned Citizen says

    Should be mentioned that Co. wanted to give a $20,000 gift to the city and Tim Grayson suggested that the City not accept it because they do so much for the city!!!! Then Laura announced they gave Martinez a $100,000 gift!!!