Michael Chavez Center Update

The Michael Chavez Center is a cutting-edge economic development program serving the Monument Boulevard Community of Concord, California, and beyond. Its programs develop the human, social and economic capital that enables individuals of all economic, ethnic, racial, and educational backgrounds to fully participate in our economy and society. Below see recent comments (En Español) from Mike Van Hofwegen, Executive Director

The Chavez Center is an exciting place to be, full of activity all day, six days a week.

We’re very grateful for residents who come to provide jobs to day laborers, dedicated volunteers who help with English classes, and community partners such as the Concord Police Department and Wells Fargo Bank who provide workshops and advice to our members.

We’re also thrilled to see community members come together from all walks of life to learn beginning and intermediate computing, to learn A+ computer repair offered in partnership with the Stride Center, and to receive technology tutoring from another partner, Senior Service America. Many people are experiencing personal growth that comes from acquiring new skills and from forming new friendships and networks together.

Our cooperative development program will soon help residents develop more new businesses. Program director Dave Thompson, in collaboration with long-time partner Monument Community Partnership, is planning a Concord commercial urban farm initiative that will include a cooperative and local farmers. We look forward to seeing this increase community access to affordable, healthy food.

More services and opportunities are coming to the Chavez Center. With funding approved by the Workforce Development Board, we plan to hire someone next month to provide employment, training and career development services to adult workers of our community. This will dovetail perfectly into our becoming an active affiliate site of East Bay Works One Stop Career Center.

The Center, formerly called Monument Futures, empowers under-resourced people in the Monument Community and beyond by providing training, connection, and opportunities that lead to employment, self-sufficiency, and significant contributions to the larger community.

We do this through building strong working relationships among people of all backgrounds. We also provide access to high quality programs that help people move to the mainstream of our economy and community. See the Center’s Programs Overview for more details on how it is helping to transform transforming the Monument Community.