Acalanes Measure A would extend $112 parcel tax

An existing property tax will continue if enough voters residing in the Acalanes Union High School District approve a special vote-by-mail ballot measure. Ballots began being disseminated on Monday, April 7. The Acalanes special tax measure is officially titled Measure A.

The district is seeking to continue a $112 per year parcel tax. The original tax is scheduled to expire in June 2015.

The district includes Lafayette, Orinda, Moraga, and part of Walnut Creek.

Ballots are due by Tuesday, May 6.

The Acalanes special tax measure is officially titled Measure A.

To pass, Measure A will need a two-thirds vote.

Measure A allows district residents over the age of 65 to file a form exempting them from the tax. Thus, a senior citizen can vote in favor of the tax and not have to pay it.

The Measure A ballot is not being consolidated with the statewide June 2014 ballot. Without consolidation, taxpayers have to bear the expenses associated with Measure A’s mail-in status and the expenses associated with the June statewide ballot. Thus, voters in the Acalanes district are paying for two elections when they could have paid for one.

In a letter to Kathy Coopersmith, the president of the Acalanes school board, this correspondent, on April 1, asked Coopersmith, “Why did the [Acalanes] district not put Measure A on the June 2014 ballot?”

This correspondent also asked Coopersmith, “Why is the District asking for funds after California voters, in November 2012, passed Proposition 30, a tax increase designed to benefit schools?”

As of 9 A.M., April 9, Coopersmith has not replied.

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  1. Bruce R. Peterson, Lafayette says

    I wrote the ballot arguments against Measure A & it’s Cousin Measure B, that is much worse than Measure A. So far I received a cell phone call from someone claiming to be an Acalanes news reporter. She asked annoying questions, that seemed like chewing me out for opposing her tax.
    On Good Friday, the incredibly corrupt Lamorinda Sun published a letter by Kevin Lewis of Lafayette, insulting my writing style. Without a single detail.
    I’m having a hard time finding an unbiased person who has opened their envelope & read the ballot arguments.
    I have found that Ballot arguments are the only way to express freedom of speech without a censoring editor. The City of Lafayette paid a lawyer from San Diego to remove 65 words of truth from one ballot measure.
    If anyone has actually opened their Measure A & B, election envelope, give me some detailed feedback. As always, the tax supporters are advertising, expecting people to do what a short slogan tells them to do.. . .

  2. Bruce R. Peterson, Lafayette says

    The CC Times mentioned unfunded health care costs for retired school administrators & teachers. $ millions that were promised without funding. The debt is growing just like credit card debt. If voters are foolish enough to pass Measures A & B, it’s 100% certain the politicians will ask for more.

  3. Richard Colman says

    Measure A should have an expiration date. There is no expiration date. In the future, the Acalanes District might receive more money from sources other than Measure A. Thus, the possibility exists that Measure A might not be needed. The Contra Costa Times came out against Measure A today (Mon., Apr. 14, 2014).

  4. says

    If you live in the Acalanes Union High School District or the Lafayette School District or both, you have received a ballot in the mail for Measures A and B.

    Measure A sustains critical funding to maintain academic programs and support services in the Acalanes Union High School District schools by renewing and extending the parcel tax that is expiring, without raising tax rates. Measure A will continue to provide ongoing, local funding to preserve excellence in our schools.

    Measure B will continue an expiring tax to pay for core academic programs including math, science and technology for schools in the Lafayette School District.

    The LaMorinda Democratic Club has endorsed both measures and is urging you to vote yes on both Measure A and B.

    As Democrats we must unite to pass these measures to maintain our excellent schools, so please mail in your yes vote immediately.

    Lamorinda Democratic Club