MDUSD candidate site

MDUSD school board candidates are posting their candidacy statements and answering questions posted on the site. There are four candidates running for two contested seats, including Sherry Whitmarsh, Jeff Adams, and incumbents, Gary Eberhart, and April Treece.


  1. sam gold says

    I would like to hear Mr. Adams and Ms. Treece’s viewpoints on the website listed above, but it seems that they did not want to step up and answer questions from their constituents. In fact, Mr. Adams did not even have the courtesy to respond to the numerous requests to participate in the forum.
    I am a teacher and parent in the MDUSD, and a resident of Concord, and find it laughable that these two candidates are running, and at the same time they will not participate in a public forum to allow people to make informed decisions about the upcoming election.