Surprising reactions to a lost wallet at Kinders

lost walletI was having lunch recently at Kinders off Hwy 4 in Concord when a man lost his wallet. I was inside eating lunch with a friend when three tables down I heard someone exclaim that a man walking outside had dropped his wallet. Two tables down a different group of men replied (slightly more explicitly) that was his bad luck. Then, as the man kept walking away from his wallet, the table directly next to me repeated the conversations, and no one did a thing. What’s up with that?!

I looked at the uniformed tradesman diagonal to me at the closest table and remarked, “No one is going to tell him?” His response was simply a raise of the eye brow, a twist of the mouth, and a too-bad-for-him look.

So I left my Tequila-Lime Chicken (dark) to notify the man of his lost wallet. As I approached, he immediately looked beyond me to the first table whose occupants were suddenly hustled (embarrassed?) into reuniting the lost wallet to its owner.

As the youngest—and the only woman involved in this moral melee—it was no shock why lost-wallet-man looked beyond me. And while this part is also a bit disappointing and alarming, that is a whole different story. So the situation was resolved…but…

Lost Wallet: What would you do?

But, how is it that 10 people could so easily sit back and watch this happen like it was a car wreck on the side of the road? I was honestly taken aback that all these people—including everyone else who overheard the comments like I did—would watch someone else reach into their back pocket, accidentally drop their wallet, and let them walk away!

Beyond the cash were the hours of work to replace its contents. A dropped pack of gum? More understandable. And I tried to reason…I mean, the man was outside, we were inside eating. And everyone knows Kinder’s meat is some damn fine meat. But to allow someone to just walk away, when a tiny, simple, interaction could do so much to help?

And, BTW, the Kinders workers are really helpful, especially the guys that clean up in the dining area; I’m sure they if they had seen the incident they would have rushed to help.

While we all have bad days, or fears of confrontation, can these things really separately encompass 10 different people? Or do people just not care?

When we left, I commented to my friend that I expected cameras to pop out and alert us to our epic social consciousness fail like some lurid cable reality show that stages similar scenarios for unsuspecting bystanders.

Speaking of which…

Check out the following videos below. And before you immediately tell yourself that you would get involved, stop and think about not what you are seeing, but what you have already seen. And how you can change the future.

See two college students stage a bullying situation in a public setting.

What Would You Do series: homeless man refuses service

Or a single mom whose EBT/ food stamps card won’t work.

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  1. Mike says

    Did you ever stop to think that maybe these men did not help for fear they would somehow be accused of trying to steal the man’s wallet? You probably don’t think about these things because you don’t have to.