Local Small Business Owners Rally Behind Catharine Baker for Assembly

Catherine Baker calls for end to BART StrikeAs the unions and large special interests focus on the battle for the political left in the 16th Assembly District race, fiscal conservative Catharine Baker is taking her campaign directly to the largest local economic generator in the East Bay—small businesses.

According to CNN in a 2011 report, California’s small business failure rate was 69 percent higher than the national average, the worst of all the states.  The National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB) reports California small businesses pay three times more to comply with taxes and have 37 percent more regulations impacting them than big business.  East Bay small business owners know this anti-business environment all too well; that’s why many of them are endorsing Catharine Baker for Assembly.

“Every year, far too many anti-job, anti-small business bills are passed in Sacramento,” said Brian Hirahara of BH Development in Walnut Creek and President of the Walnut Creek Downtown Business Association.  “We need Catharine and her business know-how in the Assembly to fight this anti-business attitude so our small businesses can focus on growing and hiring more employees.”

“Catharine Baker is the right leader to remove obstacles to job creation and prosperity in our economy,” said Max Rios, owner of Rios-Lovell Winery in Livermore. “She will stand up against the special interests that do not understand how to create jobs, and know how to get California thriving again.”

“As legal counsel to small businesses and someone who grew up in a small family business, Catharine understands the needs of job creators in California,” said Mark Fernwood, owner of Pattivs Jewelers in Danville.  “Catharine will fight over-burdensome regulations, taxes, and fees weighing down job growth in small businesses in this state.”

 “I believe Catharine Baker’s commitment to improving the small business climate and our ability to create local jobs is deserving of our support,” said Stephanie Liu, owner of the Tri-Valley Academy in Pleasanton.  “She will be an effective leader in the State Assembly for job creation.”

Catharine Baker is a mother of school-age twins and a parent leader in their school district, serving as vice president of the Dougherty Elementary School Site Council and on several school improvement committees.

As local counsel in Pleasanton, Catharine helps local small businesses and non-profit organizations get started and succeed. She has received the prestigious Wiley W. Manuel Certificate for Pro Bono Legal Services from the California State Bar Association for her commitment to providing pro bono legal representation to low-income families.

Catharine is also a volunteer leader in her community, previously serving on a local preschool board and volunteering for Girl Scouts and Cub Scouts in the region. She also volunteers on the board of the Diablo Regional Arts Association in Walnut Creek, supporting arts and educational programs for families and schoolchildren throughout her community. Catharine earned her B.A. degree from the University of Chicago, overcoming cancer her senior year to graduate Phi Beta Kappa and with honors. Catharine later went on to earn her J.D. degree from U.C. Berkeley School of Law.

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  1. Cesar says

    I’m sorry, why the anger? I have no problem with free promotion of candidates, and I don’t have a particular choice in the CA16 race.

    It sounds like HalfWay has a equal time policy that I applaud, perhaps you mistake my question for criticism I assure you, you will know when I am being critical.

    relax Bill

  2. Cesar says

    reads like her bio. and a bunch of endorsements. how is this not a campaign ad? maybe it’s not a paid ad.

    • says

      So what. We post this sort of thing from all kinds of candidates every election season. As I’ve said for 10 years, any candidate is welcome to reach out to this readership. If all you got is sour grapes, please consider writing and submitting your own post on current local events. Stop complaining and post about a candidate YOU support and why.

    • says

      It was clearly marked as posted by Catharine Baker, so no it isn’t an “ad.” We welcome messages from all candidates that want to maximize their social media exposure. You, or your preferred candidates, are welcome to post here as well.