Local Free Market supporters celebrate Liberty on the Rocks, May 4

liberty on the rocks, bay area, walnut creekThe nation-wide social organization Liberty on the Rocks has returned to the Bay Area, establishing a new chapter in central Contra Costa County. The next social event will be May 4, at the Pyramid Ale House in Walnut Creek, beginning at 6:30 p.m. Click here for EVENT DETAIL

After a year long hiatus, the Bay Area group held a kickoff event with its first ever Diablo Valley meetup on April 13th 2011 attracting 2 dozen participants. The group kickoff was held at Pyramid Brewery in Walnut Creek and led by Denver native and current Pleasant Hill resident Thomas Randle who was a Liberty on the Rocks member in Colorado.

Originating in Denver Colorado, the National Liberty on the Rocks, a 501 (c)(3) non profit, established one of it’s first chapters in the Bay Area in 2008. The stated purpose of this group was to join those who desire limited government, free markets, and individual rights over drinks in a relaxed social atmosphere for networking and friendship.

The Colorado based group gained national attention with an appearance at CPAC in 2010 and grew quickly. While the national organization grew to include 2 countries, 12 states, and over 20 separate chapters, the local Bay Area group dwindled as the activists who began the group moved on to other projects, and meetups in the very liberal Berkeley failed to gain traction.

The regional group’s statement of intent states that it seeks to join all freedom lovers in the 9 county Bay Area through social gatherings throughout the region. Along with it’s new Walnut Creek meetup, which now occurs regularly on the first Wednesday of each month, the group has had a San Francisco meetup, and has a future meetup planned in Mountain View. These recent meetups have attracted Republicans, Libertarians, and Tea Party activists including published writers and past candidates for office. The group has more plans to expand to other counties in the Bay Area.

Do you support free market ideas? Do you believe in individualism? Do you think the government that governs best governs least? Then Liberty on the Rocks is for you! This group will continue to have meetups through out the Bay Area and will be looking to add to its team of organizers to spread to other areas of Northern California. Visit the local chapter website at the address below, and see when the next meetup is happening near you. You can also join the group on Facebook, Meetup.com or the recently established Freedom Connector on Freedomworks.org. Contact Bay Area Organizer Thomas Randle at the email address below if you are interested in organizing a Liberty on the Rocks event in your area.

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