Industry first Lightning Serial+Power Cable from Redpark

Redpark Development, located in Emeryville, has announced an industry first cable Lightning Serial+ Power Cable for iOS.

lightning serial+power cable for iOSApps are increasingly being developed for kiosks, medical, retail, point of sale, labs, and remote monitoring, or Cisco console connections. Yet a need exists to allow an iPad or other iOS device to not only connect to some remote serial device, but also power the iPad at the same time. Redpark, an Apple MFI developer, has solved this problem.

Developers can download the Redpark SDK to see how it integrates with their own application development approved by Apple for iOS apps. The cable can be purchased from the Redpark store online.

The Redpark Lightning Serial+Power Cable connects a Lightning iPad or iPhone to RS-232 serial device at speeds up to 115.2 Kbps. It also charges the iPad or iPhone by connecting an external 5v (20w) power adapter — enabling iPad to be used on 24/7 basis.

Primary Uses include:

- POS systems

Enables iPad to be installed on 24/7 basis with connection to one or more POS devices (i.e. scanner, credit card reader, receipt printer, etc.) for use as “check out” counter in a retail environment.

- Kiosks

Similar to POS use (but perhaps not transactional in nature) but in kiosk form factor. Needs serial interface to connect iPad to a scanner, card reader, printer, proximity sensor, etc.

- Retail displays

iPads are increasingly used to merchandise a product in a retail environment, even restaurants as menus.

- One example, a leading mattress manufacturer has developed a retail display that uses an iPad. The Lightning Serial+Power Cable is used to connect the iPad to mattress controller. Since the iPad can both be powered and connected to the control mechanism, it can now be used all day for demonstrations.

-Process control

An iPad can be connected to sensors and instrumentation that monitor/control a process that may be occurring in a laboratory or manufacturing environment.

- Remote Sensor-Reporting

With an iPad powered by an outlet on a delivery truck or car, the app can ascertain how much gas or water, or some other fluid was delivered to a storage tank, with the data sent back to the company database via the cloud.

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