Lemon Laws: Air Suspension Vehicles

We are all grateful that lemon laws exist even if we never have to use them. There are, however, some grey areas in these laws that make it hard to tell what is actually covered. One of the more commonly questioned topics is problems with air suspension vehicles.Where do the laws stand on these systems? What about aftermarket kits that are installed by the owner? It’s best to know what the lemons will actually protect you against in the case that one of these systems fails.

Air Suspension Kits Truck Air Suspension Kits and Components: Air Spring Kits, Air Struts, Air Lift and Air Assist Leveling Kits. Performance Air Bag SuspensionSo, do lemon laws cover Air Suspension systems? The short answer is a resounding “yes.” It does not even matter whether it was factory standard or an aftermarket kit. Each case is going to be treated and judged differently, but you will most likely be protected. It’s like any other part of the car. If the seller does not disclose vital information about problem with the system then they are responsible.

The best advice I can give you here is to never let it get that far. Especially if you are considering a car that has an air suspension system, you need to get the vehicle checked over by someone who you trust and who knows how to check these systems for damage or wear and tear. Having one of these systems fail on you can result in a potentially dangerous driving situation.

If the previous owner has not properly maintained the air bags, lines, dryer or compressor then the blame is on him. If you do not ask questions and have the system tested for stability and proper function then you are just as at fault.

I hope that this little article has helped ease your mind in regards to this particular area. Remember that there are both federal and state lemon laws. They are both there to protect you, as the buyer. But none the less, buyers beware.