Lamorinda Democratic Club Endorsements for the June 3rd Election

The Lamorinda Democratic Club Endorsements for the June 3rd Election has released its endorsement list for races in the June 3 California Consolidated Primary Election:

Contra Costa Auditor-Controller: Ayore Riaunda

Ayore is well qualified to be our Auditor-Controller. He has a Master of Business Administration (MBA) and is a Certified Government Financial Manager (CGFM). He is an 18-year U.S. Navy veteran and is now a Navy Reserve officer.

Yes, he is a Democrat and his opponent is a Republican who ran unopposed in 2010.

The MOST IMPORTANT election this June is for Auditor-Controller.


California Superintendent of Instruction: Tom Torlakson

Tom has worked hard to begin fixing the California Education System. We want to keep Education on the right track.


U.S. Congress CD 11: Mark DeSaulnier

Mark has been our loyal and accessible State Senator. As George Miller is retiring, he has endorsed Mark and we expect Mark to be as well respected and influential in Washington as George.


State Propositions: Yes on 41 & 42

Proposition 41 is a bond measure to provide affordable multifamily housing for low-income and homeless veterans. What is not to like about fulfilling our obligation to our VETERANS!

Proposition 42 requires local governments to comply with state public-access laws. It also eliminate state reimbursement for the cost of such compliance. Public-access is the law for all levels of state government. Each level should shoulder the cost of the statewide law.

VOTE for YES on 41 & 42

Contra Costa Community College District: Yes on Measure E

• Construction of new science and allied health center
• Modernization of campus buildings
• Modernization of gymnasium and physical education facilities

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  1. Richard Eber says

    It is interesting to note that this Democratic Club where Steve Glaser resides, did not endorse him in the contested Democratic Primary. At the same time they took a strong stand on supporting a candidate for County Auditor. (I did not know such an office even existed) This shows me that the home town folks did not care give their blessing to the “born again conservative” Steve Glaser who is posturing himself to be a middle of the road Democrat to fit the demographics of the district. for the purpose of winning the election.