Ballot arguments against Lafayette School Tax Measure B

Below find Ballot Arguments (Primary and Rebuttal) against the proposed Lafayette School Tax Measure B filed by frequent contributor Bruce Peterson. The Contra Costa Times editorial board wrote an article urging voters to reject Measure B because it tries to turn a temporary parcel tax into a permanent one that does not expire. A similar Tax Measure (is on the ballot in the Acalanes Schoo. District Measure A.

Proponents swear to God that:

- Without approval of Measure B, significant cuts will need to be made to core academic programs. Measure B merely continues the financial support that Lafayette residents have historically approved, without raising tax rates.

- Measure B will continue the local funding that our community provides to our elementary and middle school students. NO funds can be taken away by the State or used for other purposes.

- Measure B funds can only be spent on programs listed in the measure and approved by voters. Mandatory annual audits will ensure that all funds are spent properly. Senior citizens will be offered an exemption.

Primary argument against Lafayette School Tax Measure B

Wow! An annual cost of living adjustment. That could mean anything.

Tax money is squandered on trains, consultants and overpaid, arrogant administrators. What the public wants the most, is always on the ballot. It’s usually schools, more schools, then roads. Then public money is squandered on everything else.

When will the foolish public wise up? With $651 or more, that could easily be kept off their property tax bills, some people might wise up.

The senior exemption is a trick to convince people to vote their own home’s future owners, out of their money.

Some seniors won’t remember to apply, fill out, or return their exemption form. They will be gouged without mercy.

Some seniors file their exemption, then promote tax increases.

Propagandists use treacherous tactics and the corrupt media, to promote their cause. Wealthy folks and huge rental complexes, are charged the same amount as the poorest person in the district.

What’s fair about that?

If voters ever wise up enough to vote against every tax that appears on the ballot, the bureaucracies will have to become more efficient. But no! They keep squandering money. Many bureaucracies go into debt, with no easy way out.

Propagandists will do everything possible to convince people NOT to read this free fine print against their tax.

Politicians never want people to ask questions. This tax was announced days before the deadline for filing arguments. How’s that for trying to cheat?

I can’t find a news source that will write anything slightly detrimental about the politicians or their parcel taxes. The media always insults tax opponents.

However you vote, it’s 100% certain the politicians and their media comrades will demand more money from you.

Rebuttal to primary argument for Lafayette School Tax Measure B

Corruption and contradictions rule Lafayette.

Many residents believe the incredibly corrupt media.

“ A 3% annual cost of living adjustment”. Contradicts, “Without increasing existing tax rates”.

Why do they say; “All money staying in Lafayette”? Is it guilt? Many newer Lafayette residents are paying over $14,000 annual property tax. Superintendent Fred Brill said this windfall leaves Lafayette. Voters always make up for whatever the State takes away. That’s a good way to encourage the State to take more

California voters raised income and sales taxes for schools. Did that money fund Lafayette’s ridiculous brick crosswalks and subsidized housing instead?

Why does Lafayette have two school districts? School districts and local governments need to consolidate. Cut administrative overhead.

“Attract and maintain highly qualified teachers”, contradicts reality. Tenure rules teachers pay. Not quality or performance. There’s never been a shortage of teachers wanting to work in Lafayette.

Art, music and history should be taught by volunteers.

Competitive sports leagues wanting more playing fields, coincides with the schools wanting more money. Competitive sports lawyers always cry poor when they are asked to pay their fair share. Lafayette’s corrupt puppet politicians never tell people they always subsidize competitive youth sports leagues over education.

Lafayette’s sports fields are closed to the public. What’s fair about that?

Annual audits and senior exemptions are shams.

Are the tax proponents to stupid and lazy to count bedrooms or figure square footage?

All current supporters of this tax anticipate monetary benefits.

How corrupt can they get ?

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  1. Bruce R. Peterson, Lafayette says

    This tax was not publicized until 2 days before the deadline to file arguments. Obviously they did not want or expect any opposition. Now they are spending barrels of money to promote it. . They even have an in my face add annoying me when I use Facebook. Their last parcel tax passed by 77%. Someone else opposed it, put out signs & created a website. For opposing this tax, I merely squandered paper, ink & a few trips to Martinez. . I’m trying to figure out why the usually pro tax Contra Costa Times put a to little to late opposition line at the bottom of an article with a different headline, then their local version published a front page story that did not print a single comment from my arguments against the tax. .Does anyone have any idea why a so called newspaper would do this?. .